Thank you Nikon!

Went this afternoon out to take some images in with the lovely sunshine winter weather. Had beautiful light and some nice locations. After dawn I went around to find a new location and hoped for some fog. After a while I was pleased with fog and a nice landscape but only had a few minutes light left so I was in a rush and BANG I slipped and felt down into the snow and my camera with tripod crashed on pure ice :-(

First thought - arggh that was the lens and the mirror in the camera might be gone as well...... since years I use a pure glass filter on all my lenses and luckily only filter - ok 100 EURO - and the lens hood - 40 EURO - was crashed everything else works fine - yeah!!!!!!


Photography Ireland 2011

I just learned that I got 2 picture into Photography Ireland 2011. The yearbook of the Irish Photographic Federation (IPF). I am abolsutely delightd that I made it as well in the 3rd year of my paticiaption. If you like to get an issue of the IPF yearbook just contact me.

These are the 2 chosen images:

howth lighthouse bodypainting

Website Relaunch

I am really happy to announce the relaunch of my website You can find new functions like newsletter, enhanced projects area and much more. In the near future I will open a completly new designed web shop.

Have a look and let me know your feedback. Enjoy!


Red Bull Illume

Just back from the absolute stunning Red Bull Illume Exhibition in the Trinity Collage Dublin.

I am amazed about the pictures and it is one of the best exhibitions – or maybe the best – I’ve ever seen….

If you have the chance to see it closes down on the 11th of September – do it!!


Behind the lens
Red Bull Illume turns the spotlight on the people behind the lens, to the artists who capture the most extraordinary sporting moments to share with the rest of the world. This job requires more than just an eye for good images – it requires the tireless work of keeping up with athletes and often involves the photographers placing themselves in precarious positions in order to capture the moment of magic. In this breathtaking exhibition, Red Bull Illume seeks to honor the photographers’ amazing work.

The Art Walk

The Art Walk is still on at the Board Walk between Ha’Penny Bridge and O’Connerl Bridge… hope to see you there!

Next week I am on the People’s Photograpahy at St.Stephens Green

Ireland's best known Victorian public park. Re-opened by Lord Ardilaun in 1880 for the citizens of Dublin. This 9 hectare / 22 acre park has been maintained in the original Victorian layout with extensive perimeter tree and shrub planting, spectacular spring and summer Victorian bedding. The herbaceous border also provides colour from early spring to late autumn. Sanctuary from inclement weather can be obtained in the Victorian lakeside shelter or in the Victorian Swiss shelters in the center of the park.

Over 3.5 km of pathways are accessible for all users. The waterfall and Pulham rock work on the western side of the green are worth of a visit likewise the ornamental lake which provides a home for waterfowl and a garden for the visually impaired. A number of sculptures are located throughout the green. A children's playground is a popular attraction of the park. Lunchtime concerts are performed during the summer months.